5 Tragic Origin Stories of Supervillains From Marvel and DC

Surely there is something bad that has happened to every bad person, making him that way. Here are some origin stories of famous iconic villains that ought to make you sad:


Bane spent his childhood in a prison in Santa Prisca, in order to complete his father’s sentence. He learns a lot from the other prison inmates. His best friend is a teddy bear named Ocito, which has a knife at its back that Bane uses to protect himself. His first murder was at the age of 8 after which there was no looking back, this is how he worked his way up in prison.This made him the most famous amongst the iconic villains


Magneto was not always like this. But if there is anything that has been constant with him in his whole life, it is Racism. Even before he realized his mutant powers, he faced prejudice as he and his family were moved from one concentration camp to another, during the Nazi genocide. It was eventually their death, which unleashed Magneto’s powers.


Galactus or as he’s known, the devourer was not someone who always had a planet for his meal. He was once a hero, who tried to save his own universe but couldn’t. All died and he sucked up all the cosmic energy, after which he became Galactus.


Scarecrow had what you’d call a ‘not so pleasant childhood’ His father who too was a doctor, can only be called psychotic, what he became after his wife’s demise. He used to experiment his fear drug on his son, in order to make him immune to fear, scarred by this and affected by the Drug, he became Scarecrow.


Iconic VillainsWith no money in his pocket to meet the expenses of a pregnant wife or to pay the rent, the unfunny stand-up comedian, Joker agrees to the join a group in their plan of a heist, where he’s asked to put on the Red Hood’s mask, a criminal identity of a notorious gang’s leader, which he then does, but then something in the plan goes wrong and the gang is faced by the Batman. Terrified to his soul, the Joker, trying to escape he falls into a dump of chemical waste after which, he never was the same.

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