5 Marvel Characters Who Must Have Their Own R-Rated Films

Who would have ever thought that the films based on comics that are supposed to be for children could be R-Rated? Well, that is the case today my friends, R- Rated films are in trend, and with the recent success of Deadpool and Logan, more Marvel films could go R- Rated. Here are some characters who we’d like to watch in R- Rated films:


Hulk we all know is a character that comes into being when Dr. Bruce Banner loses control of himself, a character that can smash stuff, defeat Abomination, the Chutari yadda. But it’s sad that even after so long we haven’t actually seen the mad side of the monstrous beast. It would be great if World War Hulk or Old Damn Logan’s arcs could be taken into consideration and made a film on where actual rage and monstrosity of the colossal Hulk could be unleashed.


Yep, sure he is our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, but there are a lot of arcs to the character where a lot of parental guidance is advised. We can think of tat story where he almost beats Kingpin to death or a storyline where both Carnage and Venom are involved, and of course where these two are there, the film is going to be R- Rated.

Black Widow

This character is probably the most conflicted character from the Marvel universe. An assassin who was taken away in her childhood itself, trained in the ‘Red Room’ and since she was a teenager has been used as a spy and a high-level assassin. It would be great to know the origin story of such a deep character and also why the film should be R-Rated is because we could actually see what “red she has on her ledger”.


Oh sure, there has been a lot of talk about this character getting his own movie, only God knows when. Whenever it may be, we’d want it to be an R-Rated film as we all know what kind of mutant Remy Le Beau is. He is nowhere close to being as nonviolent as his fellow mutants. We could say that his inclination is towards Wolverine and not Xavier. We could get to watch his thievery and his infamous attitude that uses violence to be the answer for almost every ordeal.

Iron Man


Even though we all are very much aware of the origin of Iron Man, trust us when we say that we haven’t even scratched the surface of the Billionaire, philanthropist, playboy’s attitude, and story. There is a lot of moral depth to the character, a lot of mistakes that he has made apart from Ultron, and a lot of issues such as his drinking problem and him being disbanded from The Avengers and being imprisoned. It would be great to see all that in R-Rated films.

Let us know in the comments section below ‘which Marvel characters would you like to watch in an R- Rated film?’

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