5 Teen Titans Facts That Will Shock DC Fans

Teen Titans is an amazingly well-received series. The comics went on to be such a big success after the 1980’s that there came an animated series too, which was also phenomenal. But there are still some things about the show which the fans are not aware of. Some of them are listed below.

Not The Young Justice

Teen Titans and Young Justice are two different teams.Where both the teams have Wonder Girl, Robin and a speedster in common, there are quite a few differences. Young Justice came into the scene in 1990’s, with Wonder Girl and Bart Allen’s Impulse and many more heroes such as Aqualad, Superboy, Speedy and Miss Martian.

Who Assembled Them?

Contrary to the belief that the team was assembled by Robin as he is their leader, the Teen Titans were actually formed by Raven. It was when Raven was created by her evil father and comes to Earth, at the time when Starfire is on the run from intergalactic slavers, Raven manages to get Cyborg, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Robin and Changeling (Beast Boy) to help rescue her.

Robin’s Identity Change

Robin’s name was changed to Nightwing in the pages of the Teen Titans comics. It was in here, where the sidekick to Batman and the leader of the Teen Titans felt like he should have his own identity and the freedom to call his own shots. Which is when he put off his red yellow and green colored costume and donned his new look.

Robins In Teen Titans

Every Robin has been involved in the Teen Titans. Dick Grayson was a founding member, Jason Todd had a run too as did Stephanie Brown, even after being distrusted by Superboy, tim Drake became the Red Robin and for Damian Wayne it was an exercise to help him socialise and learn to work with a team.

Deathstroke’s First Appearance

The phenomenal villain Deathstroke, who has faced almost every superhero in the DC universe, including the Green Arrow and the Batman, made his first appearance in the pages of the Teen Titans comics. After his son who had taken up the mission to kill the Teen Titans dies, his father, Slade Wilson takes up the job.

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