5 Superpowers of SHAZAM that Make Him Invincible

Billy Baston is a teenage boy by speaking the magic word – SHAZAM can transform himself into a costumed adult with the super powers. SHAZAM is an acronym of six “Immortal Gods” Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury. Here are the abilities and powers that he possesses which make him omnipotent.

Super-strength and Speed

SHAZAM is so strong that he has taken on Superman himself so many times. He was able to deliver such lethal blows that were really painful for Sups. And Super Strength with speed becomes an unbeatable combo. He might not be as fast as The Flash, but his opponents still would not see his mighty punch coming to hit them.


Just like Superman and some other DC superheroes, SHAZAM possesses the ability to fly. Being able to fly gives a very big advantage to the hero as he can deliver significant overhead attacks and take down his opponents from greater heights.

Spell Casting

SHAZAM includes 6 Gods and Demigods in his name, so it is likely that the powers he has been given to him by the Gods only, which means he has a lot of Magical powers too. Using his Magical abilities, he is able to cast spells on others and turn things in his own favor.

Control of Lightning


The Gods provide SHAZAM with his lightning. Just like the Demigod Thor, SHAZAM has the ability to control magical Lightning. He is cable of forming thunderbolts that could fry his opponents with contact and phase through objects by becoming Thunder.

Teleportation and the Knowledge of Gods

SHAZAM has the capability of turning into electricity and teleport from one place to another using the Rock of Eternity. With the powers that he has, it would be impossible for an opponent even see him coming. He has an impeccable knowledge about the Gods and knows how strong he actually is having the powers of 6 Gods.

SHAZAM has been a little underrated until now but is surely capable of kicking anyone’s Butt, and not Just Black Adams, many other Superheroes have been beaten by the Teenage/Adult hero.

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