7 Extremely Shocking Facts About The Avengers You Don’t Know

The Avengers is one of the most famous comics and now even Film series. Teaming up of various Marvel comic superheroes together coming to fight various villains, the first issue was released in the 1960’s. Here are some facts about the Avengers that you don’t know.

Many Characters have Declined Joining the Avengers

Both Spiderman and Daredevil declined to join the team when they were first offered. Because they wanted to fight evil on a smaller scale. Spiderman usually came to blows with the team on several occasions. Hulk, a founding member too refused to rejoin the team for a long time.

Black Widow’s Real Age

The feisty fan favorite with all the moves is over 70 years old. Her look is the result of rebirths and cloning. The redhead was a former spy of the KGB during the cold war.

The Name- Avengers

After Hulk, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp and Thor came together to defeat Loki, they decided to work together and it was the Wasp who gave the name, the Avengers.

They Fought the Justice League

Despite being from different universes and being owned by rival companies, the Justice League and the Avengers have come to fight. The best was when Rogers believes Justice League to be fascists. Both then together fight evil and Superman wields Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer.

Different Teams Within

There are different teams with the Avengers itself. Such as the West Coast Avengers, based on heroes completely based in Los Angeles, including Hawkeye, Vision and Iron Man. The Dark Avengers had all the supervillains disguised as heroes. Norman Osborn became IronPatriot, Ragnarok became Thor.

The Second Roster Made Up of Villains

The second roster of the Avengers, had Captain America leading the team, by issue 16 where all the original members of the team had left, and the characters who originally were portrayed as villains were now a part of the team. These included Hawkeye, Scarlett Witch, and Quicksilver.

Captain America not the First Avenger

the avengers

Captain America was actually not the first avenger. Interestingly enough, he was not even the part of the original team. The actual first Avengers were Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, Hulk and Ant-Man.

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