4 Hottest Hollywood Stars Who Do Their Own Stunts

Usually, all the stunts and action scenes that we see in the movies are performed by the stunt doubles instead of the actors themselves putting them out of the harm’s way. But these brave actors did the stunt work involved in their movies by themselves. 

Jason Statham

Statham is no stranger to action and danger. He was after all an Olympic diver and knows a thing or two about training. When he was done with modeling and diving he took up acting and soon we got to see his crazy fighting skills in the transporter movies. Statham has become a household name in the action genre for doing most of his courageous fight scenes himself. He got injured so many times but still never backs out of his daring fight scenes.


Keanu Reeves

It is no surprise that Reeves is included in this list. His skill has become a cinematic legend over the years, largely thanks to the Matrix trilogy. Presently, he has been impressing fans with his work in the John Wick movies as he did 90% of the stunt work in those movies himself. The movie includes well-choreographed fight scenes shot in wide shots to show each and every move properly which the 52-year-old actor did himself.

Daniel Craig

The name is Bond, James Bond, and Bond does not need a stunt double. Daniel Craig got ripped for his role as Bond, but not just for the sake of taking his shirt off, he did all his action work and car driving scenes, including the crane fight scene at the start of Casino Royale and the train scene in Skyfall.

Tom Cruise

stuntsWhile it may be mission impossible for many actors, but crazy stuntwork is Tom Cruise’s middle name at this point. The stunts performed by the actor seem to get crazier as he is getting older. He climbed the Burj Khalifa in MI4 and on the side of a plane in MI 5 with just a single harness.

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