4 Comics That Could Inspire The Batman Solo Movie

Here’re comics that could be adapted for a big screen for the standalone movies of Batman.

Deathstroke: City of Assassins

If Manganiello’s Deathstroke is to be seen as a worthy adversary of Batman, then he will have to physically beat him in battle at some point. There aren’t many foes who can take Batman on in hand to hand combat, but Manganiello’s impressive build and physicality certainly make him look like a significant threat to Batman. If they are to engage in combat, then there’s no better fight to adapt than the grueling brawl seen in City of Assassins. It’s heavily cinematic and could make for a great action centerpiece.

Death in the Family

Death in the Family is one of the most famous comics in the Batman canon. Written by legendary comic writer Jim Starlin, it’s the story where the Joker killed Robin and has already been referenced in both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.

The comic sees the Joker kidnapping Jason Todd, torturing him brutally in a lonely house in the Kahndaq desert, and blowing him up right before Batman can reach him. It’s a devastating loss, and the ramifications of this story have already clearly impacted Ben Affleck’s Batman, pushing him to lose his hope and morality.

Deathstroke: Legacy

Any good villain deserves a good origin story. While I think it’s unlikely that we’ll see Deathstroke’s origin unfold over the course of The Batman, it will likely be referred to, or perhaps even shown in flashbacks – nicely mirroring any flashbacks Batman might have, and setting up the two with parallel narratives.

There are multiple variations of Slade’s origin to choose from, but the most recent and perhaps most likely source would be from writer Kyle Higgins’ Deathstroke: Legacy.

This would create some needed character drama, and build-up an antagonistic relationship, in which Deathstroke and Batman are mirror images of each other, with similar physical training and psychological makeup. It’s the ideal way to reframe Deathstroke’s origin slightly in order to make him Batman’s perfect adversary.

The Court of Owls / The City of Owls
The Batman

Scott Snyder’s seminal tale kicked off the start of DC’s New 52 reboot and marked the beginning of a bold new era for Batman. The Court of Owls saga told the story of Gotham’s oldest criminal organization, which had basically engineered the criminal elements of the city, running everything from the shadows.

This story would have to be shaken up drastically for use in The Batman, but several elements could work. It’s always fascinating when Batman is proven wrong and undermined from within. One of the best elements of Court of Owls is the way Snyder throws Batman completely in over his head, tearing apart the foundation of everything he believes.