8 Stunning Facts About Cyclops You May Not Know

We’ve been doing a bit of research on this love-hate character of Cyclops who’s always been understated no matter what he does. Cyclops is one of the oldest characters of the X-Men and has always been an iconic personality. I hope you love what you read, I know I did!

1) Cyclops has been in all the X-Men movies since its launch in 2007, being the third most featured character. When he was a child he was taken in by Professor X as the first official student and the X-Men recruit. And was leading field team.


2) In the comics, Cyclops is shown in an aircraft with his parents and brother. When the aircraft is attacked by the aliens Shiár. His mother parachutes them out of the plane to safety, however, Scott gets hit in the head and goes into a coma. The hit causes him brain damage and the inability to control his mutant powers, this is when he starts wearing glasses with ruby quartz which help him control his powers.


3) There is a 50:50 chance that Cyclops may have brain damage. Unlike other mutants who have total control of their powers, he seems to be at a mercy of his powers. We are not really clear as to why his powers are uncountable but this might be the nature of his mutation caused due to his childhood accident.

4) If you see inside the Cerebro in X-Men First Class, we get a glimpse of Cyclops as a child. In this series we also get to see his brother Havok who was recruited by Professor X. going by comics, both brothers were separated after the crash and would not be united until they are adults. Scots the third brother is the Vulcan who comes in much later.

5) Cyclops also has a son Cable, who was infected with a tech virus as an infant and was sent into the future to find a cure. Unfortunately, he was sent into a future that was coincided by apocalypse and spent most of his life fighting the mutants. When Cable travels back to the modern day, he is shown older than Cyclops.

6) Like Superman, Cyclops too is a sun worshipper and derives his powers from the sun. His powers are metabolized by manifesting sun’s Theories suggest that he could open his eyes without hurting anyone if he was in a dark room and had depleted his powers. Though his powers are derived from the sun, however, they do not generate heat.


7) Comic deaths are never real, so we are sure that he was never killed by Phoenix Jean Grey. As it turns out they never showed his lifeless body but only his glasses, as the producers wanted to keep the option open to bring the Cyclops back.

8) We know that Cyclops has a serious stalker, Mister Sinister who has been obsessed with his power and his blood line. Apparently, Mr. Sinister thinks that Cyclops has the ability to time travel. Mr. Sinister kept an eye on the orphanage where Scott is kept after his parent died.


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