5 Fun Facts You Should Know About Baby Groot

Guardians Of The Galaxy ended with the sacrifice of Groot to save his teammates. It also hinted that the giant was going to be regrown again. With the trailer for the sequel already showing the brand new baby Groot, here are five facts that may just tickle your fancy about him.

He Does Not Remember Much:

Like most babies, the new Groot is too little to really retain the adult memories of his former self. This does not mean that he has forgotten everything. He can still recall fragments of his former experiences and memories because he is essentially the same person.

He Was What The Guardians Team Needed:

The first Guardians saw a band of misfits who came together reluctantly to form a team that took on a villain much bigger than their own quarrels. Since the second movie will focus on their own problems, having someone like Groot to take care of brings together the team to focus on being more paternal than ever before.

He’s A Jerk:

Baby Groot may look cute as a button with his big eyes and his small stature, but don’t be fooled by the cute factor. Baby Groot is still Groot who can cause a bit of destruction when he wants to. “He’s a little jerk,” said director James Gunn. “He can kick some a–. He’s also an idiot. He’s a baby. He’s not very smart. So, he’s stupid.”

He Will Be A Better Character Than In The First Movie:

While Groot made an impression on fans with his sacrificing nature and his one line “I am Groot,”there was not much else we had known about the character. With the Guardians sequel, it looks like Groot will finally have a chance to show more of his personality than the first one. “I think he’s a better-written character than the first Groot in some ways,” said Gunn. “He’s just more complete character.”

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He Is Not a Merchandising Ploy:

baby groot

While fans might be excited to see their favorites, the introduction of new characters in big budget movies is sometimes the result of studios doing business with toy companies for merchandise. The writer of the movie James Gunn said that Baby Groot isn’t a merchandising ploy but “creative change that opened the film up.”


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