5 Facts You May Not Know About Superman and Batman

Batman and Superman are known for their intelligence and the symbol justice and power. Not only they are one of the strongest players of DC comic book force, they have appeared together on several occasions. At one time, Billionaire Bruce Wayne thought that Superman was a potential threat to the humanity in Gotham City and during other instances they teamed up against the evil. So here we bring you five facts you don’t know about Superman and Batman.
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Almost everyone considers Superman to be the world’s first superhero. There were heroes with superpowers, like The Shadow and other heroes who had loftier fighting skills like The Phantom and Doc Savage. In spite of this, Superman is still considered to be the first superhero. Superman was published in a comic book and probably this is one of the reasons he has got more attention.

There is this book Gladiator (1930) by Philip Wylie, which is a scientist who injects his pregnant wife with a serum which makes his son superhumanly strong. But since it was a novel, it didn’t get the level of popularity of other comics.


Do you know that in the comic books there are several different types of kryptonite other than green? So, there is gold, blue, white and pink and each color has a diverse and distinctive effect. If you remember, then in one issue of Super Girl, Superman comes across pink kryptonite and, instead of hurting him, it turned him gay.


Did you know that Superman and Muhammad Ali had a boxing match in 1978? This actually happened. It occurred when an alien attack seemed on Earth and the greatest fighter of Earth had to fight with the greatest fighter of the aliens.

However, there was an incongruity on who would represent the Earth. The discrepancy arose between Superman and Muhammad Ali. So, as per Ali, Superman wasn’t of Earth and thus he is ineligible. It was then decided that both of them should have a fight and the winner would be finally chosen as the representative of Earth.


So, you know about Batman, right? But did you know that there is a city in Turkey named Batman? This city exists for real. Initially, the city was known as Iluh, it was eventually renamed as Batman in 1957. So, basically why was the city renamed as Batman?

According to one story, it was renamed after the nearby Batman River. Other story says that it is the short form of a nearby mountain range named Bati Raman.


So, all of us know that in the comic books Batman used to kill criminals and even carry a gun. However, do you know that The Dark Knight does not kill? In movies, Batman refuses to kill several times in the film.