5 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About The Flash

Created by Harry Lampert and Gardner Fox, Flash rose to comic book prominence when he first appeared in Flash Comics #1 in 1940. Originally appeared as Jay Garrick, Flash gained his powers after he sucked the hard water vapors. And then came Barry Allen, who was struck by the lightening that we all are fully aware of. Right? Alright, there is so much to talk about, but here are five facts you don’t know about Flash. 

1) He is pretty faster than Quicksilver


Well, watching Marvel and DC Comics crossovers is a rare thing to see and once this happens then one can obviously expect to watch The Flash and Quicksilver coming together to test their speed. DC Comics is definitely a clear cut winner here. I mean The Flash is just so fast that he can actually reach the speed of sound and can clearly defeat Quicksilver.

2) A secret brother


It was revealed in the comics that Barry Allen had a secret brother. This came to light when it was revealed that a drunk doctor screwed up the delivery of a child from the wealthy Thawne family. Because of which the baby switched with one of the twins Nora Allen had literally just given birth.

Obviously, after learning about his true parentage, Malcolm Thawne became jealous because of the comfortable upbringing Barry has had as compared to the exploitation he suffered.

3) His chances of becoming an Arrow Regular would have increased if the Flash failed


The Flash has found massive success on The CW, the show was definitely a big gamble for a network at the time. So, basically, the plan was to Barry Allen again after introducing him in Arrow.

But then it was decided to give The Flash its own little space. Luckily he broke almost all records, had that not been the case, nobody would have remembered the character.

4) No one can read his mind. Yes, that is so true.


Barry Allen’s powers are just so unique, amazing and possibly one of his coolest abilities is the fact that he is immune to the psychic attacks. His mind is as fast as his body and his body is as fast as his mind.

5) He is pretty hard to shoot


Do you know that The Flash is pretty hard to shoot? He always finds some way out with his tricks because of which he is always safe in the heat of battle. So, basically, when he runs, he is so fast that bullets pass through him.  Isn’t that great?