Bumblebee is one of the most determined Autobots and is perceived as an important hand under the leadership of Optimus Prime. His fight against the Deception has always been about doing justice for right purposes and not harming the good ones. Colored in yellow and black, Bumblebees’s transportation changed several times in last two decades. It was disheartening to see how he was towed back and frozen after being captured in first Transformers movie. So here we bring you five amazing facts that Bumblebee fans didn’t know about him.

Bumblebee’s Chevrolet

Bumblebee’s performance as an Autobot was phenomenal, but what fascinated us besides that is the Ford Mustang’s rip-off, Chevrolet Camaro. The muscle car’s production ended up in 2002, but thanks to Chevrolet for bringing back its muscle mode in 2007’s Transformers movie and giving Bumblebee a whole new badass look. And it turned out to be a massive hit among all the Transformers fans.

Batman voiced Bumblebee

We all know that his voice box was destroyed. There have been several actors who voiced the iconic Autobot, but most of the Transformers members didn’t know they have been voiced by some of the iconic comic book characters. And Batman is one of them who voiced Bee. Yes, the Batman actors Will Friedle who voiced the character also voiced Bee.

Bumblebee first appeared as Volkswagen Beetle

He first appeared in the form of Volkswagen Beetle. However, it was not a flashy one and modest like muscular Camaro. If we consider it now, it does not go with the character now.

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