One of the ultimate goals of sex desire is to quench each other’s thirst. No matter how long you travel and turns you take, ultimately you have one goal. Today was a long monotonous day and nothing was exciting until you reach home, open the door and see your man sitting crossed legs on the couch, dressed in a suit with a glass of wine just to make you feel special. Such a cool end of the day. Right? Alright so you guys have now filled up t the brim and it is the time to go to bed. Sleep time! No No No! Time to play something sassy. Anyway, today we are going to bring you four types of foreplay to have a steamy session with your man.

Kissing and fondling

Want To Make Her Special? Try These 4 Steamy Foreplay Techniques

Before you rush to the bottom of each other, it is better you get a strong hold on the game of kissing and caressing. Start with slow kissing-taps, increasing the intensity and get as raunchy as you can. I am talking only about kissing, no other stuff. The next step is pretty simple. Start fondling with her as you start kissing and then see the magic.

Boob play

No matter what method you choose, just make sure you don’t hear her. Suck it, lick it and press it like she loves it. Play with her nipples, fondle with her boobs and give her a reason why you are best at this one.

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