5 Mind-Blowing Comicbook Facts About Red Hood

Batman has had many partners in the comics to fight crime with. while some have disappeared, only a few have re-emerged with different monikers. Red Hood has established himself as a fixture in the new Batman comics and for good reason. Here are 5 facts that you need to know about Red Hood that will tell you why:

Red Hood Was The Joker’s First Alias

5 Facts You Need To Know About Red Hood

Red Hood first appeared in 1951 issue of Detective Comics. When Red Hood and his men tried to rob a chemical plant, they were attacked by Batman. When Red Hood was put in a corner by the hero, the criminal delved into a basin full of chemicals. He survived, but it permanently changed him, taking on the title of the insane psychopath The Joker.

The Current Red Hood Was Once Robin

Jason Todd was the second Robin after Dick Grayson, who moved on to become Nightwing.He was an orphan with a dark past whom Bruce Wayne had taken under his wing.He proudly took on being Batman’s sidekick but sadly it did not last for long. The former Red Hood, The Joker diabolically undermined everything that Todd had built for himself and killed him.He re-emerged as the vigilante Red Hood, a more violent version of Batman.

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