Actors do several things in front of cameras but we don’t get to see the real side of their personalities. Hollywood industry is not only full of beautiful actresses, but it also is a safe home for lesbians, which give them a ray of hope that they are part of our society. Alright. So today we are going to count on five hottest lesbian actresses in Hollywood.

 1. Cynthia Ellen Nixon

Popularly known for her portrayal of Miranda Hobbes in ‘Sex and the City’, Cynthia Ellen Nixon is one of the most renewed actresses of the Hollywood industry. She has won several awards in her career including Grammy Award, Emmy Awards, and Tony Award. Also considered as one of the hottest lesbians, the actress revealed in 2012 that she is bisexual.

2. Ellen Philpotts-Page

Also known as Ellen Page, Ellen Philpotts-Page is one of the multi-talented actresses who has appeared in several big projects like X-Men franchise, Stand (2006) and Super (2009). She has won several awards and is one of the sexiest actresses who declared that she is lesbian, during an LGTBQ event in Las Vegas.

3. Lindsay Lohan

She is a singer, actor, and model.Lindsay Lohan has appeared to be one of the most trending celebrities in Tinseltown. She is on elf the top actresses who have revealed their lesbianism. In 2008, she said she was in a relationship with Samantha Ronson, but it ended a few years later.

4. Ellen DeGeneres

Famously known for her show ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, Ellen is one of the most popular and influential TV celebrities in the entertainment industry. She is married to  Portia de Rossi and is open about her lesbianism and relationships.

5. Anna Paquin

5 Hottest Actresses That You Don't Know Are Lesbians

Anna Paquin is one of the actresses who has tasted an Oscar award. The 28-year married the actor Stephen Moyer in 2010. She opens about her lesbianism through a public service announcement video for an LGBT campaign.