While Thor Ragnarok will hit theaters before the end in 2017, here are five things that you may need to know about Ragnarok that will give you some basis about where the film got its influence from:

Ragnarok is From Norse Mythology

As Marvel’s Thor is based on Norse mythology, Ragnarok also sees its basis from the Norse people. Ragnarok is the Vikings version of Armageddon, that terrible event that will end with everyone dying because the world would end. In this mythology, only the Norse Gods die. It is the foreshadowing of a great war that sees gods like Odin and Thor battle against Loki and the Frost Giants. After the Fimbulwinter aka the everlasting winter, Loki and co battle the Asgardians that ends with everyone dying and Fenris Wolf, son of Loki swallowing Odin whole.The fire demon Sutur then burns the Nine Realms, destroying the land that sinks into the sea.

It Happens Over And Over again

The Norse myth considers everything a circle, so after that much destruction, the children of Odin and Thor and other gods will take the place of their fathers and Earth will be repopulated with the help of two humans. The Marvel comics takes on this cycle, and Ragnarok is shown as a huge battle that goes on every few decades like a circle.

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