5 Facts That Proves DCEU’s Justice League Will Be Based On Justice League Origin

Justice League is one of the most anticipated movies of the upcoming year, but like many of their other films, DCEU has been keeping a lock down on the story line for the movie. But given the little evidence that has been left on past films and the movie’s trailer, many fans have speculated that the upcoming film will be based n the comic Justice League Origin. Here are five facts to prove it:

The Pending Teaser That Is Darkseid

5 Facts That Proves DCEU’s Justice League Will Be Based On Justice League Origin

Although Zack Snyder and the team have stated Steppenwolf being the supervillain of the film, all clues lead to the big bad villain Darkseid being in the film. Steppenwolf is just the general. Darkseid’s followers known as Parademons have already made an appearance in Batman Vs. Superman.

Lois Lane Is the Key

In the comic JL: Origin, Superman is brainwashed by Darkseid and it took Batman to bring him out of his trance. Lois Lane seems to be the only character in Superman’s life at the moment to have that influence on DCEU’s Superman.This may be the reason why The Flash tells Bruce in the dream sequence that “ Lois Lane Is The Key.”

Aquaman’s Solo Film’s Release Right after Justice League

The animated film Justice League: War was based off Origin.Just like the comics, it followed how the League was formed and was also followed by another movie 2015’s Justice League: Throne of Atlantis which follows Aquaman’s rise to power based off his arc on the Origins series. DCEU’s Aquaman also sees his standalone movie release right after Justice League. Is it a coincidence or just further proof?

The Cyborg Easter Egg

Zack Snyder is a maverick with his easter eggs, and it looks like he may have planted a big easter egg in Justice League. A scene in BvS showed a lab room with a lot of red lighting where Cyborg was transformed much like the scene found in Justice League: War.

Green Lantern’s Appearance

The Green Lantern has been said to make an appearance in Justice League. In the League Origins, Green Lantern, and The flash has a camaraderie that is fun and light-hearted. It is highly speculative if the same could be expected for JL’s Green Lantern but The flash will definitely be playing a comic relief (given all his cameos have some tinge of comedy to them)