7 WTF Moments From The Latest WWE SmackDown Live

One more week, another development to a scene of SmackDown Live with James Ellsworth at its center. I don’t think about you, yet I’m becoming weary of seeing James on my screen every week. The joke was fun while it was hot, however, it’s continued for a really long time now. Ellsworth needs to leave WWE’s modifying so some person with an ounce of ability can take the spot in the headliner scene that he’s right now hoarding.

As we as a whole observed on a week ago’s show, the jaw that now has two wins over AJ Styles cost Dean Ambrose a shot at the WWE World Championship. By and by, I seek this is the impetus after an Ambrose heel turn that comes round as an aftereffect of The Lunatic Fringe giving out a serious beating to James. Ideally, it ought to be a long one that outcomes in a great deal of blood and a considerable measure of welts on his back and stuff.

Far from all the rubbish including Ellsworth, the Survivor Series groups were set to be named by General Manager Daniel Bryan in a Miz TV show ideally, given their connection to THAT scene of Talking Smack, this rematch of sorts would be deserving of the charging it was given in front of the show.

1. What on the earth is David Otunga wearing?


2. H-A-W-K-I-N-S



3. What’s Good For The Goose…


… is good for the gander.

4. The Same Uso?


They look similar. Agreed. But WWE thought they could get away with duplicating the same picture of the same Uso.

5. This??


This special effect by the department at WWE has surely been worked overtime here…

6. Wrong Dude!


They Have Just Won In Twice..!!

7. Continuity Error

Smackdown live

For the larger part of his match with AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose was offering his knee intensely. He could scarcely keep running at one phase as The Champ That Runs The Camp made it the center of his assault.

In spite of this, and with Styles on the floor, Dean went to the top rope and conveyed a major elbow to AJ, arriving on his knees simultaneously.

Despite the fact that this ought to have executed The Lunatic Fringe’s knee, he got up and circled like there was nothing the matter nearly as though he had overlooked that he had been offering his knee for a vast lump of the match up till that point.

After a long grouping of activity, Dean acknowledged where he was and what was going on and began offering his harmed appendage afresh.

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