5 WWE Superstars You Didn’t Know Were Arrested For Drug Possession

Drug possession has real consequences be it in WWE or anywhere else.What it does is that it leaves you with a record & a reputation you would have never wished for in your entire life. For some of these WWE superstars, it became a step that damaged their careers, while taking others into consideration they had to work extremely hard to reclaim their spotlight. Here are 5 WWE Superstars who were arrested for drug possession.

#1  Rob Van Dam


He’s the least surprising in the list. His habit of being an advocate for marijuana got him into trouble and he was arrested for the same. It was in 2006 when he was first arrested. He was caught with 18 grams of marijuana and 5 Vicodin.

#2 Brock Lesnar

UFC 141: Lesnar v Overeem - Press Conference

Before Lesnar could make an impact in WWE, he would almost not make it there. In 2001, he was arrested for possessing illegal steroids. The Beast Incarnate got lucky as, after four months, the case got dropped because the substances were actually growth hormones and not illegal steroids.

#3 Jack Swagger

drug possession

His arrest cost him a big push in the co. Being pulled over for possession of marijuana back in 2013, Swagger returned to the company and faced Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania 29 and was pulled over in February 2013. He was charged with driving under the influence & drug possession went for trial, and was found guilty. The marijuana charge was dropped after he was made to pay a fine of $500.

#4 X-Pac


X-Pac was arrested just before Christmas in 2011. He was in possession of the cough suppressant, Hydromorphone, and Hydrocodone. He ended up with two counts of possession of a controlled substance & one count of drug paraphernalia. A bond of $2,150 got him released shortly after his arrest.

#5 Jeff Hardy


Jeff Hardy was dabbled in drugs over the years and this is no secret. His problem got magnified in TNA, & Victory Road 2011 comes to mind. However, he’s been arrested several times due to controlled substances.

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