4 Shocking Backstage Fights Between Pro Wrestlers

It is continually interesting to find out about fights between pro wrestlers outside the ring. Those battles have made legends throughout the years, delegated some as the hardest to ever bind up a couple of boots. Fortunate shots, messy traps, or sheer skills have made a portion of the best stories outside of the ring in professional wrestling history. Here is a think back today at 4 fresh, out of the box new backstage fights between pro wrestlers that haven’t made the past two records. Many are told in the expressions of the wrestlers who were there battling or watching. Enjoy!

1. Kamala Vs Andre the Giant


Kamala versus Andre the Giant – Kamala has recounted this story in a few interviews of late. Kamala and the Giant had a major contention in the mid-80s which began with them coordinating up in domains and finished in the WWE. They profited together keeping in mind that is by and large something wrestlers reinforced over, Andre was not a fanatic of Kamala. Andre was in an awful mindset and in their first match used a censorious supremacist comment towards Kamala. You can likely think about what it was. Kamala was not glad about it and let the Giant think about it.

2. Kevin Nash Vs Roddy Piper


This dandy happened back in WCW and as of late raised its way once again into the news when Piper and Nash contended the champ over Twitter. One thing that has stayed steady in the story is that Piper and Nash were not collaborating with each other in a tag team match in WCW. Piper and Ric Flair went to their changing area disturbed after the match.

3. Vince McMahon Vs. Bret Hart


How could it be that this dandy never made the past records? Well a large portion of us know the story, yet some new fans might not have. This story backtracks to 1997 and the night of the Montreal Screw Job. Vince McMahon simply requested a brisk accommodation on Bret, swerving him on the finish. Bret lost the title to Shawn Michaels and he wasn’t cheerful about it. Here is the manner by which it went down as indicated by the Hit Man.

“Somewhere in that conversation, Bret said, ‘If you’re still here after I get dressed, I’m going to punch you out.’”

“It was the most beautiful uppercut punch you could ever imagine,” said Hart. “I actually thought it would miss and go right up the side of his head, but I popped him right up like a cork was under his jaw and lifted him right off the hand. I broke my right hand just beneath the knuckle, and knocked Vince out cold.”

4. Hulk Hogan vs. Verne Gagne

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The Hulkster told this one amid a meeting with Chris Jericho. Verne began making Hogan t-shirts, however, wouldn’t cut Hogan in on the cash. They had words and Verne said he needed to see what they showed him down in Florida and Hogan said, “Enough to kick you ass.” Verne charged him and Hogan snatched him in a front face bolt “Belzer-style”. Verne left the room and said it wasn’t over and Greg began to take his stuff off like he was going to battle him yet David Schultz backed Hogan up.

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