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Stephanie McMahon And Mick Foley Are ‘Somewhat Cowardly’ Says Daniel Bryan

In the last episode of Talking Smack, Renee Young & Daniel Bryan were discussing Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley accepting The Survivor Series challenge. Daniel Bryan said that he had expected them to accept it because of the sibling rivalry between Shane McMahon & Stephanie, but then he said that he felt of them “that they’re somewhat cowardly.”

daniel bryan

Bryan joked that “Stephanie and Mick are somewhat cowardly at running their show,” before he got serious. In order to prove his point he further adds that they don’t rely strictly on their  RAW talent to sell their shows, rather they’re bringing in people from the Attitude Era like Goldberg. He said that they do not need that on SmackDown Live because they believe in their stars.

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