Top 3 Best Moments In Flash’s History

Barry Allen, whose meta-human name The Flash, is the fastest men ever alive. Of course, he is. He disappears, saves people and reaches anywhere in a second, just like a lightening in the sky. The latest season aired last week. So without any further ado, check out of the greatest moments including the comic book history and his appearance in other media platforms.

 1) Henry’s Death 


Zoom the villainous speedster from another planet with similar powers like Flash appeared in Season 2, where the Flash and the company try to destroy him. Zoom was an always a few step ahead of the hero. And he always challenged him to go to the places where Barry would not reach easily. In episode 22 – Invincible, Zoom suddenly shows up and kidnaps Henry, who was killed later by him. The villain kills his father in the same room where his mother died.

2) Iris West’s Death

screen-shot-1938-07-18-at-5-33-13-pmHe has gone through several tragedies. The death of his mother and father has already been known. The heroes are known be one of the happiest couples in the comic book history. One day the couple attends a costume party where West dresses up as Bat Girl that’s when Flash’s archenemy Reverse Flash kills the West.

3) The Flash vs Arrow


It would not have been possible if CW had not introduced Barry Allen first time in 2014. And Arrow and The Flash share a special bond with each other. There have been several crossovers between them but there is one where each one of them tries to take each other on.  At one point Arrow figures out that Berry does not have discipline and lacks training. Well, this situation comes unhandy when Barry is affected by a meta-humans ability and uncontrollable rage to manipulate emotions.

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