4 Best Hell In a Cell Matches Ever!

Hell in a Cell has been home to overwhelming stories-high falls, misleading presentations of steel and substance, and momentous title changes. In any case, which Hell in a Cell match was the most perfect? The most boorish, as well as the most sensational and passionate, the sort of hotly anticipated, desire shattering standoffs between Superstars that characterized Hell in a Cell’s legacy as WWE’s gravest battle zone.

Here are 4 particularly compelling, match settling sessions to have occurred under the Cell’s steely roof.

1. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton — WWE Hell in a Cell 2013


Also called the reason the WWE Universe knows the importance of “abeyance.” WWE COO Triple H had given it his best shot to keep the WWE World Championship out of Daniel Bryan’s hands and in Randy Orton’s, incorporating arranging a Money in the Bank trade out and straight-up stripping Bryan of the title when The Beard won it back.

2. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H — Bad Blood 2004


Bad Blood was absolutely a suitable setting for this 2004 tilt, as far as anyone knows unbreakable kinship between Triple H and Shawn Michaels had soured so gravely that they headed into WWE’s devilish fortress to work out their issues. The long-lasting best pals left their mutual history at the Cell entryway and attacked each other like a couple of creatures, with HBK scaling a step to drop a major elbow onto Triple H, who had been laid inclined on a table.

3. Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker — No Mercy 2002


Brock Lesnar overwhelmed WWE in 2002, winning that year’s King of the Ring competition and helpfully crushing The Rock to catch the WWE World Championship inside his initial couple of months. The horrendous youth proceeded on his way of pandemonium through the fall, when he at long last met a little resistance as The Undertaker. The contention was heated to the point that it must be settled inside Hell in a Cell. Combating with a broken hand, The Undertaker tossed all that he had at the apparently relentless freshman, yet Lesnar struggled back after a chokeslam and shockingly turned around a Tombstone endeavor into an F-5 to hold his title.

4. Batista vs. Triple H — Vengeance 2005

hell in a cell

This obliteration derby for the World Heavyweight Championship saw no lack of uncouth weaponry. There was a mix of old fashioned fierceness (a chain, which The Game used to whip and manageable The Animal) and new-school development (a seat wrapped in security fencing, used by both warriors). Obviously, Triple H’s trusty heavy hammer discovered its way into the services. Among the various Batista Bombs and Pedigrees were sufficient organ-shaking spine busters to make Arn Anderson sob with euphoria. At last, Batista gave his previous Evolution running mate his first annihilation inside the Cell, the area The Game had commanded in his past five excursions.

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