4 Badass Male Actors Who Rule Hollywood

Action movies are the ones that cause adrenaline rush, with action stars flipping, riding and kicking some butt. They thrust the actors into the risky challenges that include extended fighting scenes, frantic chases, and violence. It seems truly fascinating to see our favorite stars doing some action like that. Almost all the actors do action films. Some are able to bring the impact, while some leave the mark on the heart of moviegoers, making them remember the character forever. We bring you top four badass characters who rule the Hollywood industry.

1.Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson


As badass he looked in the WWE ring, the actor shines in the Hollywood industry. After a couple of performances in the legitimate box office, Johnson proved his ability to act in films. Moreover, he showed his potential to mix comedy and action together. The actor has managed to transcend to unique roles. The actor is being appreciated for his role in the Fast and Furious franchise. Ultimately, he is the overall package of action.

2. Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise is popularly known for his active role in Mission Impossible franchise. In his earlier days of acting career, the actor ruled the box office with his undeniable charm. After that, the actors completely turned o his beast mode with The Mission Impossible franchise and now again he rules.

3. Jackie Chan


The comedy-action star has broken every single bone in his body and he is still energetic to deliver the action. He represents the human embodiment of dynamite. The actor has all the stuntman skills and never use body doubles for his action scenes.

4. Sylvester Stallone

badass male actors

Sylvester Stallone defines a supreme level of badassery. His appearance in the popular Rocky series shines forever. The actor showed off his action skills and impressively ripped body, which no doubt fascinated the movie goers worldwide. The Expendable franchise is an important spice of his film career recipe. The actor once again proved that age is just a number for action movies.

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