5 Reasons Why Men Are The Real Targets Of Sexism In India

Inequality towards a specific gender in the society due to traditional norms or defined principles is what we call Sexism.Men are as much affected by it as women. Women should understand the issues related to sexism against men because it is an issue to look into. Here are 5 points to consider:

1. Men are expected to work long hours and relocate more often than women


It has become a general expectation that the same work must be done at a faster speed under more tight deadlines for men when compared to women.

2. The ‘Man’ of the house is expected to hold on to a good job


A man who does not have a good job is considered to be no one. It’s expected that he must hold on to a good job even if he has to sacrifice his passion. It becomes his sole responsibility to provide financial security to the family once he becomes a father.

3. A man is expected to be taller, smarter and more athletic than a woman


It is believed that a man must be more athletic,taller and smarter than his other half. It is also believed that in order to have a healthy relationship the man must be earning more than the woman.

4. A man’s word in case of any serious incident like domestic abuse or RAPE is not taken into account


This is a serious matter as this is resulting in cases of false rape charges and violence. Women alone are not the victims of domestic violence there are men too. This really needs to end up.

5. Men Are Expected To Provide Financial Support To Their Ex-Wives After Divorce


This is another reason for sexism in India is that if you earn significantly more money than your ex-spouse to whom you were married for several years, there is a good chance you will be ordered to pay some alimony.On the other hand, women are not expected to help men emotionally after parting ways.

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