7 Inspirational Quotes by Barack Obama for Success

Barack Obama is the first Black President of United States of America, but soon his two terms (8 years) as Commander-in-Chief will come to an end. He made history when he was sworn in, he is making history when he is leaving as his approval ratings (56%) is among the highest of any outgoing Presidents in US history.

He inherited an economic catastrophe, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and severe erosion of public confidence in the American government. He took up the challenge and triumphed in the face of greatest odds. He saved the economy from the brink of an economic collapse, captured Bin Laden & initiated withdrawal of American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, struck a peace deal with Iran, lifted the trade embargo on Cuba etc. Although, more work needs to be done but he has made a tremendous contribution in shaping American domestic and foreign policy.

Here’s a list of inspirational quotes by Barack Obama for Success:

barack obama quotes for success

In times of desperation ,we give up. Well, never give up. Keep fighting, keep pressing and be brave. Don’t complain about the past, don’t give up on the present and just work for the future.


barack obama quotes for success

It is all about perseverance. You need to stand up to your challenges. If you never challenge, you are never gonna win.


barack obama quotes for success

If you can’t fight for what you have in hand, you can never move on and succeed. The World only bows down to the fighters.


barack obama quotes for success

Walking down the right path is never easy. You will meet many adversaries. Your life will become difficult. But, don’t give up. Get up and keep walking, eventually, you will start running.


barack obama quotes for success

Have an opinion, and then make tat opinion heard!


quotes by barack obama for success

Stop waiting. Start doing. If you keep on relying on everyone, you would never reach your goals. Be the change you want to see in everyone.


quotes by barack obama for success
Quotes by Barack Obama for Success

I can. You can. We Can. Everybody Can.

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