6 Songs That Make You Fall In Love With Coke Studio

All of coke studio can be defined by saying that they define music and reminisce the soul through their melodies. Here are 6 songs from the Coke Studio that will make you fall in love with them:


A beautiful song about how people across two nations can fall in love with each other, depicting their pain of not being able to be together.

Mora Saiyaan Mose Bole Na

Coke studio portrays it beautifully that it can be really heart wrenching if the one person you love the most turns away from you. It beautifully defines it in melody that how heart breaking it can be to let your love be away from you.


What a beautiful portrayal for an daughter letting her parent know that she’ll always stick by their side and never let them down. It brings out all the special emotions inside of a person for their parents as well children.


Whatever happens, there will always exist one or the other source of happiness. All we need to do is find that one source and in all times of sorrow, look out to that one source to have the share of smiles we’d want.

Laage Re Nain

This is a beautiful song with beautiful music and an even more heart satisfying and amazing lyrics that bring out an all new and strange color in you that even you’ll be surprised to find. This song really puts you to an obsession with it. It explains so many things so beautifully.

Jagao Mera Des

About this one, all we probably need to say is the name of the one person who surprises us with his melodies every single time. The name is enough. A.R. Rehman.



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