Which Game of Thrones Character Would Best Describe President Obama?

When season 5 of Game of Thrones was about to hit the TV screens, unfortunately, the first four episodes got leaked on the internet causing a lot of embarrassment to HBO and the show-makers. This year they have exercised extra caution and have firmly decided not to release copies of the episodes to the critics and reviewers. But it included everyone except the leader of the free world – POTUS.

At a premier event, D&D were asked if President Obama could see the season 6 episodes early, their reply was “Yes, he is the commander-in-chief, if he’s gonna ask for episodes, what are you gonna do?” President Obama has admitted that Game of Thrones is one of his favorite shows, he even asked David Nutter if Jon Snow is really dead, Nutter replied: “Jon Snow is deader than dead”.

What if we were to decide on the Game of Thrones character who best represent the legacy of President Obama. Who will that person be? The answer to this question is not simple. He is a combination of several characters given his accomplishments and failures as the Lord Commander of U.S.A. When he came to Oval office, he inherited an economic catastrophe from Bush (the Mad King) and millions of decent paying jobs were lost due to the reckless and illegal behavior of the Wall-street. He has cut the deficit by a trillion dollars and put the economy back on its feet, in that sense he is like Mace Tyrell who has brilliantly steered House Tyrell towards greater prosperity.

He took the bold decision to close down Guantanamo Bay where prisoners are detained without a fair trial, many of them are innocent. He shares the same sensibilities as Daenerys Targaryen who is against the slave trade in Meereen. He acted like Little Finger as he is also the man who signed Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) which compromises the principles of fair trade, giving sweeping powers to large corporations to ride roughshod over regulations. Finally, he is also a strategist like Tyrion Lannister playing 3-Dimensional Chess with the Republicans to get the job done.


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