5 Things that would make You Fall in Love with Nandi Hills


For most of us, the year 2015 had been full of boredom sitting around clicking like button for every wedding picture you saw, a like for every honeymoon picture you saw, again a like for every newly born baby snap you saw, heart breaks, crazy night outs and the list goes on. Well, some of us had different plans and did justice to the adrenaline rush inside us. Travel is the new mantra of life, for every individual craving to take that plunge deep into the sea, getting lost in the mountains, fly high in the sky. “Travel far enough, you meet yourself” – David Mitchell.

This is the right time to invest in you; we live in a world with vivid option strewn in front of us. From monasteries of Ladakh to the temples of Kanyakumari, there is every reason to fall in love with the Indian sub-continent. This start of the year, I give you five reasons to fall in love with the hills of the South-Indian state of Karnataka. Nandi Hills- the new found love!



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Fall in love with the drive route: One of the most favorite rides among the bikers who come for holidays to Bangalore or the bikers residing in Bangalore. There are people who drown themselves in beer pitchers and towers as soon as the weekend hits in. Well, there are some crazy riders to decide to pick up their bikes and head straight to the hairpin loop ride to the enthralling Nandi hills. It is also cyclist’s paradise, around 400 meters of altitude gain in ~7 km of a ride, the bikers/cyclists from Bangalore storm there on weekends and holidays. It’s a very good hill training spot for them.


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Fall in love with the endless chai tapris: Chai- the national fuel that keeps the nation active, it is one of the most common thing found on the way to the national highway (NH-7) en route to the Nandi hills. The bikers traveling have made these chai tapris their pit stops to fuel their souls with the combo of chai and sutta (cigarette). People might be wondering that the state drink of Karnataka is coffee, filter coffee then why are we not focusing on coffee? Well, the chai tapris are multi-talented serving chai and aromatic state drink-coffee. One pit stop at these tapris can energize the road to the heaven called the Nandi Hills. These fuels are life-savor drugs in the chilling weather of Bengaluru and the foggy route to the Nandi village.



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Fall in love with the spirituality: Everyone has their own version of the historical background of the Nandi Temple. During the Chola period, the Nandi hills were called as Ananda Giri (The Hill of Happiness). It is also called as Nandi Hills because of the fort built here by the emperor Tipu Sultan. The Nandi temple is one of the ancient temples of Southern India, located in the Nandi village. The temple is dedicated to the Nandi bull that guarded Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for life long. Nandi temple is also known as the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple dating back to the ninth century. Today, the temple premise is a bit of dilapidated but the stone cravings are a visual retreat for the visitors climbing up the Nandi hills.



Fall in love with nature: Hundreds of people compete after the barracks are opened on the hairpin loop gateway to the paradise. The cars and bikes scaling up the hairpin loop roadway resemble the Diwali lamps illuminated the walls of the palaces. The way to paradise is a visual retreat, but well you don’t have much time to stop by and click selfies in the breaking point of sunrise. Nandi hills are famous for the cloud-kissing top view of the sunrise. People rush to park their bikes and cars, grab the tickets and run for life. Oh! Well, yes… trekking up the hill and reaching the sunrise point is next to life when you are nearing the sunrise time schedule. The sunrise view would make you fall in love with nature and Nandi hills where only you can hear is wind blowing at the maximum speed. With the rising sun amidst the hovering clouds in the sky, the chilling wind which makes you shiver, the bluish landscape, the picture perfect for Instagram… Well, I bet the view would compel you to sit back in silence, listen to the song of the cuckoo and let your heart dance to the rhythm of nature.



Fall in love with photography: Nandi hill is the photographer’s paradise, the professional get infinite viewpoint to capture the beauty of nature through the lenses. It is a very common view where you see professionals ready with their tripod stand set up to capture the rising sun forever through their lenses. The landscape view is a visual retreat for the nature lover and professional photographers. The amateur ones still struggle to make it big through their lenses and crib at the view point. However, the selfie freaks enjoy the sunrise with endless selfies. There is a lot to capture within a short span of time; the hairpin roadway can be explored after climbing the hills. Often, you could spot people holding their selfie sticks high standing on the cliff wall capturing moments, building memories together with loved ones. It’s crazy… right… Well! You visit this paradise and I bet it would make you crazier craving more for every bit of it.


For the people who haven’t been to the paradise called Nandi Hills, I hope after reading this piece of work you would be compelled to visit it once. For those of you who have already been here, kudos to you and well, it is not the end keeping exploring it whenever you wish for you might get lucky to kiss the clouds again. For those of you, who missed the sunrise and let’s give it a shot again for the nature lover inside you. Explore the hills, adjoining wine yards on the way and many more unexplored adventures.



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