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Charges against Brolin, Wright Dropped

An attorney for actors Josh Brolin & Jeffrey Wright said that the prosecutors have agreed to drop all the charges in an incident that took place at a Louisiana bar last year.

Brolin, Wright & 5 crew members of the Oliver Stone movie “W.” got arrested on misdemeanor charges at the Stray Cat Club on 12, July. Brolin & Wright were charged with interfering with the police officers after a disturbance that involved a crew member broke out.

Los Angeles attorney Blair Berk represented the actors and 5 others, says prosecutors in Shreveport had agreed to drop all charges against the group within sixty days. Also, she declined to comment anything further.

A prosecutor has not returned a phone message seeking for comment on Tuesday.

Josh Brolin, who played President George W. Bush in Stone’s movie, was not required to appear during a court hearing Tuesday.

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