7 DC Characters Who Have Defeated Batman

They say sufficiently given time and assets, Batman can vanquish anyone. Yet, let’s get straight to the point — Batman doesn’t generally have room schedule-wise to arrange or the assets he needs, and subsequently Batman is not really undefeated in his wrongdoing battling vocation.

1) Superman

Affirm, genuinely: 99% of the circumstances Batman has vanquished Superman, Superman has not been at the highest point of his amusement. Indeed, even in The Dark Knight Returns, the main reason B-man won was by faking a heart assault directly after he depleted every one of his traps — another couple of minutes Superman still would have won. In any case, when mind controlled by Maxwell Lord in “Relinquish,” Superman starts seeing his companions as adversaries, and when he finds Brainiac hitting on Lois, he whips him — just to find he’s unintentionally been giving Batman his rear end the entire time. B-man goes to the healing facility.

 2) Bane

Individuals dependably consider Bane an antagonist of beast quality, on account of the Venom that expands his forces, however, he defeated Batman as much as he crushed his spirit. Bane’s arrangement in Knightfall was straightforward: Break every one of the detainees out of Arkham Asylum, let Batman run himself worn out attempting to recover them all, and afterward, once he’s depleted, appear at Wayne Manor and fuck him up. In this first fight between the two, Bane is in all out control, toying with the Dark Knight before picking him and pummeling his back against his knee, breaking it, and putting Batman out for the count for a considerable length of time.

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